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Weddings: Heather and Chris

I would like to wish  “Happy Anniversary” to one of my previous clients, Heather and Chris.  I had the honor of photographing their wedding last August.

Heather and Chris' Wedding

It was an Outdoor Wedding in August.  However, it was a perfect day. This event was held at the Heritage Ranch Golf and Country Club in McKinney, Texas.  There was a thunderstorm about 50 miles west of this location that was bringing in cooler air.  Plus, the ceremony was located directly beneath a fully bloomed, 100 year old Pecan tree that offered a lot of shade.

I have photographed several weddings at this location before.  Thus, I was very familiar with this environment.  One of the biggest challenges of any outdoor weddings is dealing with extreme bright sun light.  This is especially difficult if your (the spectator and/or photographer) are facing directly into the sun.  You get either hazy images that are over-exposed or dark silhouette images that are under-exposed.

Heather and Chris' Wedding

This is how I can convey to my prospective clients that I have the knowledge and skills to address these extreme situations.  Mostly, I will use  combination of Off Camera Flash and On Camera Flash to attack these scenes.  An inexperienced photographer would not even conceive the idea of adding MORE LIGHT (Flash) to an already bright environment.

Heather and Chris' Wedding

Thus, I was confident that all of my images from this beautiful, outdoor, sunset ceremony were capture properly exposed and well lit.

Congratulations to Heather and Chris on their first anniversary.  I hope that you enjoyed the images from your wedding.

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