Studio Lighting Workshop – High Key Lighting


Studio Lighting: High Key Lighting

Typical Fee: $40.00

We host several Studio Lighting Workshops. This Workshop covers the topic of “High Key Lighting”. This class will demonstrate the basic setup of a studio lighting scene designed for general High Key exposures.   This Workshop will be presented at a beginner level.

During this Workshop, you will learn…

* How to determine the number of lights to use.

* The proper placement of lights.

* How to properly set the power and meter each light.

* How to set the camera’s exposure for studio lighting.

* How to pose the model for various lighting conditions.

Like always these Workshops are a great opportunity to build your portfolio with a variety images of the lovely models that we will bring to every session.   All these sessions are fun and are a great learning experience.  We will have 2 models on the set to photograph.  We will fully instruct all attendees how to set the camera settings and pose the models properly.

These events are fully hands-on. So, don’t forget your cameras, memory cards, and favorite mid-range lenses. You do not need a tripod nor flash equipment. We will provide all the necessary gear to use with the Studio Lighting equipment.